Youtube not working


I am getting an error every time I try to play a video on Youtube.


Please follow these steps to update your YouTube :
1 – Start the device and wait to load to the main menu.
2 – Press setup and open settings, then go to Apps and select the youtube app.Then select “Clear data”,”Clear cache”,”Uninstall”.
3 – Press “Back” to go back to the main menu and then select Apps/Marketplace/Multimedia and install the youtube app.
4 – To access YouTube press Menu and go to Apps/Installed Apps and select the YouTube ( NOT the one with RED icon).
Note 1: If you have never installed youtube app in the past skip step 2.
Note 2: Do NOT use the youtube key on your remote to access youtube.
Note 3: Login to your account is not support on this version.
Note 4: Pairing with smartphones is not supported on this version.