Firmware flash HD509 with microSD card

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1.Please click below link and download the file (download through your browser) :!c1dVyTKC!TUhIwtYUveb07ZDiADf7FNyNi-SHA_BYqBvQxlhEnj4

2.Format (FAT16,FAT32) a microSD card (at least 1gb capacity) and copy the file to the microSD Card.
3.Switch off the device and connect the microSD Card with the file to the TF Card slot.
4.Press the reset button at the back of the device (use a sharp pin) and switch it on.
5.Release the reset button and wait until you see the diagnostic menu.
6.Select the 3rd option ( Update from external storage ).

7.Select this option ( and press “OK” button :
8.The system is updating do not turn off the device :
9. Select Boot System now :
If you have any questions or you need any further assistance , do not hesitate to contact us.
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