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Imagine nearly endless options for your TV entertainment. Movies, TV Series, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Kids shows, Music and many more! With ZAAPTV™ there is a choice for every taste!

We offer the best Channels

We take care in providing the best content in the best quality!

Imagine Zaaping through thousands of Live TV channels from all around the world, with your own remote, as fast as you press the button. With the new ZAAPTV™ HD509N, you no longer need your imagination because we made that happen, for you!

It’s the power of the new Rockchip Dual Core Processor, combined with our new Quad Tech GPU that gives you not only this amazing Live TV entertainment but a full scale Smart TV experience from your own television set!

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Over 600 Arabic Channels

The best content from the middle east!

Enjoy more than 600 Arabic channels from all of Middle East in high quality with ZAAPTV HD509N! Experience the entire spectrum of Arabic TV programming as its happening with up-to-date news, popular shows, sports and more, with channels such as MBC, Al Arabiya, LBC Europe and many more!

The Middle East is now available at your TV with ZAAPTV!

Check out our featured Arabic channels below!

Arabic Channels
Arabic Channel Logos

* Available only in Europe (except in France), for more information please contact your distributor.

Greek and Cypriot Channels

The best content from sunny Greece and Cyprus!

ZAAPTV has launched its package of Greek TV channels featuring top rating channels from Greece and Cyprus. Our channel lineup includes Greek and Cypriot channels, featuring MEGA Cyprus, Nerit, RIKSAT, MAD TV and many more!

With news, sports, series, dramas, talk shows and so much more, there is always something for everyone to watch!

Check out our featured Greek and Cypriot channels below!

Greek Cypriot Channels
Greek Cypriot Channel Logos

More than 1000 Free WebTv Channels!

Watch countless free live streaming channels on your ZAAPTV™!

Free WebTV on ZAAPTV

Enjoy over 1000 of Free WebTV channels from around the world. The ZAAPTV™ have preinstalled WebTV packages with WebTV channels from Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Persia, Afghanistan, Armenia, Kurdistan, French and UK.

Video On Demand Services

We have over 25.000 VOD movies and series waiting for you!

Video On Demand Services

ZAAPTV™ has more than 25.000 Video on demand streams, preinstalled links, with movies from all over the world, Sound and subtitles in Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Persian and many more.

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